Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Single Beard Roper

Captain Jack Sparrometer: 4/10

"Yo, yo, yo, I'm next to a cannon, in a dirty old castle. That makes me a bloodthirsty pirate, fools!"

Even more disturbing than his giant single beard rope, and the fact that he is wearing a sparkling golden cloth is the way that the single beard rope is seamlessly attached to his chin. Could he possibly be creepy enough to actually grow the beard rope? Well, he was creepy enough to make that costume and go pose next to a cannon so I'm betting 50 dubloons on yes.


At 5:45 AM, Blogger DavyJonesMocker said...

Ahoy mateys. I believe this scurvy dog pillaged an Escalade and took that rapper necklace.

But where did he go to abscond with that purple bracelet on his right wrist. Hmmm.

As for that natural looking mass of hair on his chin, I think he chopped off somebody's pony tail and super glued it on. That's why he's got to tilt his head back at a precise angle for the photo.

And Capt. Jack, I too gape at that gossamer sash. Perhaps thrift store was put under the gun as well.

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